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Welcome to Fab-Photo! My passion is doing photo restoration and colorization while bringing new life to old photographs. Photo colorization isn’t intended to replace an original black and white photo, but rather to complement it.

Contact: deb@fab-photo.com 


“We were so taken with Deb’s work that we hired her to colorize many of the historical photos on 2020centennial.org.
Her attention to detail is impressive. The photos really livened up our website!” ~ Jill Zahniser, Senior Advisor, 2020centennial.org

* * * *

“Deb Pieti is uniquely skilled to bring life to old photographs and those they capture. She carefully adds skin tones, color details, clothing and backgrounds that create an almost entirely new image with new life and renewed energy.

I have very much enjoyed working with Deb after being impressed by her hand-colored photographs of the historic women’s suffrage movement, which was dominated by color, an aspect that is now largely lost in its black and white past. Her work has brought back the vibrancy and visual quality of suffragists and helped us better understand their strategies and their sophisticated use of color.

Women who were once overlooked in gray monotone photographs take on a new presence in Deb’s hands. Our short book, “Color and the Women’s Suffrage Movement,” shows what she can do. I would be more than happy to work with her again, and I deeply appreciate her unique skills and reliable work ethic.” ~ Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr., Author, Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement 

* * * *

“Deb Pieti is an incredibly talented photographic colorist. I first came across Deb’s work whilst producing a short film about the American women’s suffragette movement. I wanted to include some archive photos in the opening and closing sequences of our film, and was keen to bring these images to life with colour.

Deb’s work was not only detailed and realistic, but it also was historically accurate. Deb’s photos were well researched, used the right colours, and truly captured the spirit of the period they depicted. And it wasn’t just our production team that had noticed the difference in quality with Deb’s work because the academics at 2020centennial.org had already commissioned her to colourise images of the American suffragette movement for the exact same reasons. This gave us confidence that Deb was the right person to work with on our film.

For all of the above reasons, my production company commissioned Deb to work on a series of black and white photos from the Library Of Congress. We were working on a very tight schedule and had to have the film finished in time for film festival submission deadlines, so we weren’t able to give Deb much time to work with, but she went above and beyond our expectations. Not only did she finish well ahead of schedule, but the quality of the work she submitted was outstanding.

We have been so impressed with Deb’s work that we are definitely planning to hire her for future projects. Her experience, technical skills, speed, and historical accuracy are all outstanding, and I would thoroughly recommend her to anybody that wants to hire a professional colourist.” ~ Daniel Newman, Managing Director, NewmanConsults.com

* * * *

 “So very beautiful 🙂 . Superb restoration!” ~ Charlene D.

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